A few points.

1. Indian Trails Golf Course has the final say on conditions. We haven't canceled due to too much snow, but we have cancelled on a freak day when the snow became slush and there was a possibility of turf damage. We will do our best to post on the facebook page of any cancellation. We will try to provide a 2 hour notice. Canceled races will be rescheduled.

2. Series points will be awarded based on where you placed at each race and how many racers compete that day. If there are 5 racers, 1st place will receive 5pts, 2nd place will receive 4 pts, and so on. 

3. We will hold a podium ceremony for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category at each race. Results will be posted after each category race. There will be 15 minutes to dispute after the results are posted. Take your dispute to the Race Director.

4. Onsite registration will close 60 minutes before each race.

5. If you drop from a race, notify a course marshal or the timing crew.

6. Tires must be stamped on the sidewall as 3.8" or wider. 

7. A headlight of at least 300 lumens and one blinking red rear light are required to race at night. You may turn the headlight on and off to preserve battery, the red rear light must remain on.

8. A helmet will be worn while racing. We also suggest warm gloves, boots, and eye protection.

9.  We reserve the right to take photos and videos of you while at the race. Often these images will be used in social media and on dartboards. 

10. We really want to hold separate  women's races, but do reserve the option to mix categories if there aren't at least 5 women racing in category.